Baking has been a life-long passion of mine that I’ve always found a way to include in my Human Resources career, as evidenced by my tenure at Dictaphone Corporation, where I was the “resident baker”. I brought in goodies for every occasion and even took first place in the company bake-off for best cheesecake!

After deciding to take some time off of corporate to be with my two daughters, Madeline and Audrey, I began baking cookies and cupcakes to give as hostess gifts, birthday favors and holiday gifts on a regular basis. I would spend the entire holiday season baking ten or twelve different types of Christmas cookies which I would arrange on trays wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbons. Not only was I having fun baking and experimenting with different arrangements, I was receiving lots of praise and encouragement for my homemade gifts. My friends and acquaintances would say to me, “You should really do this for a living! Why don’t you sell your cookie trays?” Thus, my company was born.

Baking is in my genes. I have always loved to bake since I was a young girl as my mom’s little helper in the kitchen, watching and learning as she created decadent desserts. I owe my talents in the kitchen and my love of baking to my mom, as she is the best baker I know! Not only did my mom show me the ropes of baking, but my great-grandparents owned Pacelli’s Bakery in Bridgeport for many years, where, when I was a kid, my sister and I would enter the bakery through the back door and get to “sample” as many yummy cookies and cupcakes as we wanted!

Now I’m excited to share my passion for baking through my company, Creative Confections by Julee. All of the goodies I bake are from scratch and from my heart. I owe special thanks to my husband, Michael and my girls for supporting me in my new venture. They just love tasting all the goods and are my best critics by far!

I hope that my “confections” will bring you
as much happiness as creating them brings me.

Sweet Eating!


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