Small Plates and Salads

Charcuterie Assortment   14
serrano ham, air dried beef, pate de champagne
& tuscan salami

Grilled Octopus Salad   12
arugula, cannellini, olive oil & lemon

Frisee Salad   10
smoked chicken, bleu cheese,
toasted walnuts & apples

Cocktail Oysters  MP
served on the half shell
selection varies
cocktail & mignonette sauces

Grilled Shrimp ‘Cocktail’  12
 four large marinated shrimp
with orange scented cocktail sauce

Escargot   10
snails baked with garlic & parsley butter

Cheese Plate   14
three cheeses , selections daily with fresh fruit & toasts

Cheese & Charcuterie Plate   16
selection varies

‘Bistro’ Green Salad   7
our own mix of salad greens with
carrots, raddichio and tomato

Steamed Canadian Mussels  12
preparation varies

Pate de Campagne  9
a coarse country style with
dijon mustard & cornichon

Finger Foods
Truffled White Bean Hummus  5
Tapenade Provencale   5
all seved with toasted breads
add fresh cruditie   3

Soups  7
French onion     
Potato, celery & leek w/ pepper & parmesan


Pan roasted Maine Halibut  24
with salsa verde
Duck Confit   12/22
crispy slow-cooked duck leg served with sweet and sour braised red cabbage and fingerling potatoes

 Chianti  Braised Short Ribs  22
w/ potato & celery root ‘mash’

‘Hatfield’ Pork Chop Milanese   20
served over mesclun salad
with lemon & parmesan

Strozzapretti Pasta  18
 w/ mushrooms, spinach, parmesan & truffle butter

Steak Frites   25
grilled spice rubbed flatiron, house fries
& black truffle butter

 Penne Rigate  12
w/ broccoli, garlic confit & parmesan

Provence Lamb Stew  18
 w/ herbed noodles

Seared Sea Scallop ’Chowder’  22
with celery, carrot, leeks,
red potato and smoked bacon

Braised Chicken & Vegetable ’Hash’ 18
w/ herbed basmati rice


Specials daily include:
creative pasta, hand-picked seafood,
seasonal items, and wines by the glass
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